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The inspiration for Evocations arose from our increasing need for moments of peace and reflection. Some of them have stories but more importantly they are stories. Music is a language in itself and in its purest form doesn't need words. These Evocations will hopefully have you recalling a feeling, image or place that you'd like to escape to.

When we composed EULOGY we wanted it to be a short tribute to any living being after it's passing. As when a eulogy is given at a funeral it focuses on the happy times, the sad, the unexpected (represented by the interrupted cadences within the piece) and the final parting. The Eulogy finishes with a flamboyant flourish as a farewell.

HURRIAN HYMN is based on The Hurrian Hymn no.6 which is the oldest melody known to man, found in the 1950's on excavated fragments of clay tablets in Ugarit (now Syria). It's a religious text containing offerings to Nikkal - the goddess of orchards and is thought to be 3400 years old. The piece has an improvised feel hence why we decided to record it in its entirety in only one take, keeping the composition spiritually organic.

LONGWOOD is inspired from our visit to the remote tropical island of Saint Helena in the south Atlantic. The British territory has rolling green hills, volcanic landscape and is famous for being the island selected by the British for the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte. This is a piano solo with a morose theme that develops and builds throughout which we think could reflect Napoleon's melancholy and despair at his detention on the island until his death in 1821 at Longwood House.


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